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Osteopathic treatments and care

Manual Therapy Encouraging Natural Healing

Osteopaths are primary health care providers who treat the body as a whole. Osteopathy is a form of manual medicine which promotes the natural healing process by focusing on how the body behaves as a holistic unit.

Osteopathy provides a holistic approach to both musculoskeletal and systemic medicine – treating but not exclusive to work injuries, arthritis and joint pain, sport injuries, back and neck pain, tension headaches, pregnancy and babies and other joint or muscle disorders. In the capacity as primary carers, osteopaths will look at all aspects of an individuals lifestyle including diet, exercise and general life responsibilities to accurately provide a complete and manageable care program.

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Work Injuries

We will help treat your work injury such as RSI, back strain or other injuries using hands-on, manual therapy to improve blood flow and flexibility to the effected area.

Arthritis & Joint Pain

We will help you reduce your arthritic pain by gently loosening effected tissues, improving mobility and promoting better drainage, nutrition and exercises to strengthen muscles.

Sport Injuries

We will help treat your sports injury using hands-on manual therapy to treat muscles, joints and ligaments to improve blood flow and flexibility to the effected area.

Back & Neck Pain

We will assist you in reducing back pain, help prevent reoccurrence and provide a personalised exercise, management and rehabilitation plan tailored for your needs.

Tension Headaches

We will work with you to improve joint mobility, reduce muscular tension and give advise on posture, exercises and stretching to help prevent reoccurrence of headaches.

Pregnancy & Babies

We will work with you and your baby using relaxing and gentle methods which include cranial techniques and stretching to help balance any ligament tension.

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What Our Clients Say

Absolutely brilliant Osteopath, Sorebods are the best I have been to and I have seen a few over the years. Would not matter where I move to in Auckland, would ALWAYS travel to see them if I am having a problem with any part of my body! They also have an abundance in knowledge for the right products for you… and their products work! Unsure, try them out, you will not be disappointed.

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Our qualified practitioners are available 6 days a week and are ACC registered.

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