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Tension headache treatment

Giving Relief and Freedom from Pain

Headaches are one of the most common medical issues that nearly everyone will experience. However some people have recurring and painful headaches that can last for days or in extreme circumstances years. At SoreBods we use a hands-on holistic approach to assess the source of your pain and to treat muscles, joints and ligaments and assist you in preventing the pain from returning through posture improvement, stretches and exercises. We also provide you with a personalised treatment plan to help you reduce pain and get back to normal life.

Was your headache caused by an injury? At SoreBods we provide cover under ACC for the treatment of injuries suffered by accident whether it be a work injury, sports injury or accident. View our prices on our contact us page.

We can assist you with:

  • Joint mobility particularly in the neck and upper spine.
  • Muscular tension, blood supply and drainage to and from the head and neck.
  • We will also assist in preventing future headaches by giving advice on posture, exercises and stretching.

How we can help

One of the SoreBods team will undergo an individual and private consultation with you to understand what brings you to the clinic. Through examination and listening to your medical history, your osteopath will discuss your headaches and will go over the diagnosis, treatment plan and expected outcome with you to ensure you understand and are comfortable. Your comfort and privacy is very important to us and we will always give you the respect you deserve.

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Our qualified practitioners are available 6 days a week and are ACC registered.

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